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Amateur Video - ex pro goes am

I've produced quite a few videos over the years, but 'Black Forest Gateau' was the longest. It's a 'zero budget' feature length movie running 104 minutes. Filmed in entirely in Spain with the help of amateur talent, who normally perform in the British run amateur theatre in Fuengirola. We called ourselves 'Wrinkly Film' and being involved was quite an experience, including the public premier with 300 people attending, and a screening at the Marbella International Film Festival.

Set on The Costa del Sol, a group of retired Brits are spending their winter months reminiscing and putting the World to right. Inspired by a recent news item about a blundered post office robbery back in the UK, they begin to think they could plan the perfect heist.

Comedies are normally 20 minutes shorter, but it does have it's high points. Watch it if you've nothing better to do.

Black Forest Gateau - WrinklyFilm (2008)

'Black Forest Gateau' was shot in DVCPRO on an AG-HVX200 P2 camera and edited in Final Cut Pro. Completed in 2008 and premiered at the Salón Varietés Theatre in Fuengirola to a packed audience of 300. It was accepted by the Marbella International Film Festival in the same year and is listed on Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The thing is, the majority of amateur movies don't get finished, but this one did.

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